When the Light Goes Out,  a true story by Alma Lazar

WHEN THE LIGHT GOES OUT,  is a true story that portrays the gentleness and dignity of a human being.
It is a perfect example of courage, love, strength, and forgiveness, but most of all, it teaches us that no limitation or barrier can keep us from achieving our goals.
This is Alma Lazar’s first book. It is also partly biographical as her path crosses that of the main character during her volunteer job at a non-profit organization.

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This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I absolutely loved the Novel.
The drive to succeed & the obstacles he had to endure were incredible.
I HIGHLY recommend this book to anybody who has lost hope in success and really wants to succeed in life. I hope Alma Lazar continues to write more stories. She is an amazing writer.
Frances           Verified Purchase

Alma Lazar’s book first book is a “must-read”. She invites you to the challenging journey of a Mexican family, and of one of its members in particular.
It is an easy read as the true story is flowing and compelling.
It is a book about the triumph of the human spirit; it is about hope, love, and compassion.
I certainly recommend it.
Brigitte Hautelet           Verified Purchase

 I couldn’t put this book down! Loved! Loved this book! Easy to read, yet pulls you into the emotions of the different characters in the book. Author, Alma did a wonderful job showing us through her writing the challenges this amazing man, Jorge Cantu, has lived.
RR                   Verified Purchase

Wow. What a story! Awesome book. It is a beautiful story that shows vividly the goodness of a human being. I loved the style of the author and the simplicity of her writing. It took me a while to read due to some health issues but once I regained my energy and found the time, my only regret is not having done it sooner. Can’t wait to read her next book!
Anita Trachta               Verified Purchase

Este libro también se puede encontrar en español
bajo el título CUANDO LA LUZ SE APAGA.

International Latino Book Awards

The Spanish version was awarded Honorable Mention by the International Latino Book Awards

You can find our video clip on Youtube: Cuando la Luz se Apaga por Alma Lazar