Author Alma Lazar

Alma Lazar acquired her degree in Tourism Business Administration at the Autonomous University in Guadalajara, Mexico. As a student, she used to collaborate as a freelance writer with different local newspapers. During her career she worked part-time for the Mexican Government in the field of tourism, opening her own travel agency, one year after her graduation.

Due to her marriage and relocation to San Diego, California in the year 1994, she decided to sell her travel agency and explore the world of “floral designing” which has kept her busy since then. In the meantime, she continued writing a variety of cultural articles for “NOVIAS” a bilingual publication specialized in weddings. She later continued writing articles for different newspapers, some of which can be read on her blog.

She has lived a happy life surrounded by flowers until she had access to a story that changed her perception of the world. It was then that she felt the need to let her voice be heard and to share this story through the inspirational book When the Light Goes Out, published in English and Spanish.

Alma inherited the passion for reading through her Dad, who was always a great example to follow.

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